Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Cult of Blood......

As a Vampire, you might think that I would have no problem with groups in this country who advocate killing each other. The problem with that line of thinking is that Humans & Vampires have long since intertwined over the centuries.

Having said that, I guess I could be looked upon as someone knowledgeable on blood, plasma, and the like, and I guess I am, since I'm ever looking for a cure......

In my opinion, the Cult of Blood is not something I can respect. I'm a Nobleman, and as such I don't advocate mindless killing.

So who is the Cult of Blood?

Hard-core Liberals, Leftist Groups like Planned Parenthood, and others of their ilk.

Recently, we've seen Michael J Fox advocating infant stem cell research. Now normally, I'd be in favor of such research, especially if a cure was found for Vampirism, aka Polyphoria.

Unfortunately, this type of research requires the creation of an infant. The infant is then killed, and the stem cells are extracted. This is murder, by anyone's definition!

On the flip side of that is adult stem cell research, which kills no one, and has already been proven to be effective in treating some diseases.

So why is infant stem cell research even being considered?

......Because they thirst for blood. They make Vampires look like choir boys. Think about it: They slaughter unborn children by the thousands, so the next logical step is to kill them outside of the womb as well, and do so legally.

When you go to vote this November, remember who supports the Cult of Blood.......




"Acorn" A Liberal "get out the vote" group, has been found falsifying voter registration documents. I should point out that voter registration is a LEGAL DOCUMENT.

......I think "ACORN" better hire a good lawyer!


Sunday, October 22, 2006

WAR! UGH! Good God, Yaw! What is it good for?

.......Absolutely nuthin'! Say it again!

First, there was the "War on Poverty".......

.......We didn't do so hot, did we?

Then, there was the "War on Crime"........

.......Ooops, we didn't do so hot on that one, either.

Then there was the "War on Drugs"........

........How did we do on that one, folks? No?

Now we have the "War on Terrorism".......A nameless, faceless enemy that blends into the populace. Here's a radical idea:


........My ears are tingling already. I can hear the hate mail now: "You're horrible! You're insensitive!"


Think back, folks, to the 1970's, when many of those Middle East countries beat, tortured, & dragged innocent Americans through their streets. Where was the hue & cry then?

........Strangely silent.

Had we nuked the Middle East back in the 70's, there would've been no 911........No Cole, no Cobar Towers, no Embassy debacle, etc.

See, every other century or so, Islam rises up & tries to conquer the world. In the words of Ronald Regan, "here we go again".

Unfortunately, Islam may very well win this time, because we are too busy granting terrorists American rights than we are shooting them in the head.

You win a war by crushing the enemies will to fight. With this type of enemy, that means shooting women, and we won't do it, so those supposed "innocent" women have kids that in 20 years or so will be trying to kill us again, provided they haven't already.

Faluja should've been *FLATTENED*........Not one stone upon another. That would've went a long way towards crushing their will to fight. Ultimately, you won't stop Islam this time without nukes.

.........There's too many of them (a billion or so) for conventional weaponry.

Let's show the cult of Islam we mean business. Let's show them just how powerful we really are.



Thursday, October 19, 2006

Where are the Democrats??

You know, this border issue is a Democrat issue........No, it really is!

Money for social security, welfare, medicade & medicare, are going south to Mexico.

So my question to Dems is a simple one.......Do you *like* the above programs? Do you want to keep them? If so, you need to build a wall & close the border!

See, these illegals aren't spending their money here in the States, they are shipping it back to Mexico!

......Money that would normally be spent on social programs.

So where are you, democrats? Anyone who isn't in favor of a 200 ft high concrete wall on our border, VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE!


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

None dare call it conspiracy!


It invokes images & emotions in all of us, myself included. The raging debate of 911 has settled into 2 basic camps:

1. Muslim Extremists did it.

2. Bush did it.

Well, I propose a third option: They all did it!

As we speak, our govt is selling us out to Mexico. Anyone with the brainwaves of a Gnat can see this on the news, in blogs, and in opinions, as millions of illegal Mexicans (and others!) flood across our borders.

These are not "poor people looking for work", that's a bold-faced LIE. No, the Mexican Govt is telling these diseased-ridden invasion force where to go, and what to do. They have infiltrated every major city in America, and are having "anchor babies" as fast as they can. They are an INVASION FORCE!

........They just aren't using guns.


Diseases we conquered years ago are returning. Measels, Mumps, Rhubella, Smallpox, ect. This is costing us BILLIONS in heath care every year, and slowly killing your fellow Americans!


......There's even a few cases of Leprocy. Yes, the same disease from the Bible! This disease is so prolific, that people used to run in fear whenever a person with leprocy was detected!

Our govt's response? To observe the illegals with cameras, calling it a "virtual fence".

........Be still my heart.


No, what we need is a 200 ft high concrete wall, with parapets, armed guards, barbed wire, etc. A real, bona-fide wall, not a "fence", virtual or otherwise!

A wall can quickly & easily be constructed using highway dividers. These highway dividers are stackable, and slick-sided, making it difficult to climb.

........Every state has an over abundance of these concrete dividers.

Yet our govt is silent............

Now, if our govt can willingly & knowingly sell us out to Mexico, why would it be so hard for people to believe they wouldn't *also* sell us out to Saudi Arabia?

Some facts to ponder:

1. Saudi Arabia is the home of Wahabbi Islam

2. The terrorists who attacked us were Saudi citizens.

3. Saudi Arabia is the only Middle East country with the finances to fund world-wide terrorism.

4. The Saudi's & Bush are tight.........Very tight.

5. Osama bin Laden is an enemy of the Saudi's.

So! How many bombs did we drop on Saudi Arabia?


While the Left pontificates on Bush sneaking into buildings in the dark of night, planting detonation charges, I think the truth is a bit simpler.......

........He just did nothing.

Roses are Red.......

Dear Rosie O'Donnell,

It may interest you to know that the FF *did not* establish a "democracy". To quote Ben Franklin:

"Madam, we have given you a REPUBLIC, if you can keep it."

Rosie recently said on the View (while Bill O'Reily looked on) that the FF created a democracy. This is a very old & tired response from the extreme Left, and their desire to make America more like Europe. The truth is, The FF wanted America to be different from Europe, in every respect.

Now this is where a Liberal will speak up & say that much of Europe was a monarchy at the time. While that's true, there were already socialist groups in existance, and the FF rejected that model.

One definition of Democracy is "mob rule". Obviously, this is *not* what we want!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Jesus vs Mohammad......

If I hear the words "Islam is a religion of Peace!" one more time, I'm gonna scream........!

According to the Koran & the Hadiths, the very *first* thing Mohammad did after his encounter with "Gabriel" in the cave was to go to Mecca, a global transfer point for all things religious, beit Jew, Christian, or Pagan.

Unfortunately, the religious people there saw through Mohammad's "encounter", and told him to basically "get lost". So, the peace-loving Mohammad goes to Medina, gathers up a bunch of cut-throat murderers, goes back to Mecca, and starts killing everyone there.

.......Nice guy, that Mohammad! NOT!

Contrast that to one of Jesus' first actions, which was to heal a blind man, so that he could see........

Who is the true follower of God? One who heals the sick, or one who slits people's throats?

Is there really anyone that stupid as to even *try* to compare the 2?

........I would hope that readers of *my* blog would be smarter than that!


A real conservative?

I'm becoming more & more aware that real conservatives are an endangered species. RINO's & the influence of Liberal Dems are making it more difficult for true conservatives to get their voice heard.

Comments like "his views are too extreme" are stifling the real voice of the American Patriot that would gladly give his life to defend the principles that the Founding Fathers (FF) established for this nation.

I find it amazing in this day & age that so-called Liberals can openly spout treasonous words that just a few years ago would've gotten them lined up against a wall & shot by firing squad.

I'm sure that George Washington and the rest of the FF are rolling in their graves!

Back to conservatives, I'm shocked at how many wrap themselves in the conservative flag, but are anything *but* conservative.......

Anyone who thinks Bush is a conservative is a fool. Harsh? Perhaps it is, but it's the TRUTH, and sometimes, the truth hurts.

I warned people *YEARS* ago that Bush was no conservative, but my warning fell on deaf ears. Bush is at best a moderate, at worst a Globalist.

Now I know your thinking: "But what about the Bush tax cuts? Surely that is a conservative position!"

Indeed it is, but if you'll check, the concept of tax cuts originated in the "Contract for America", created by Newt Gingrich & Co. So why did he approve them? Simple: As a globalist, it benefitted him to do so!

The reality of conservatism doesn't stop with Bush, however. I sought out who I thought would be a true conservative, one who was in keeping with my values......

.....The supposed "radical", Ann Coulter.

I figured within myself "If anyone agrees with true conservative values, it's her!", and I sought out her website & forum, in the hope of having a new "home" on the net.

Imagine my surprise to find out that her "Chat" (actually a forum) was dominated by moderates who were hell-bent on sucking up to Islam, a bona-fide cult that takes elements of Judaism & Christianity & perverts them to give excuses for people to commit cold-blooded murder.

Ironically, the same time I was being ousted by the staff at her board, Jesus was appearing to Iraqi's in their dreams, and they were leaving the cult of Islam by the thousands!

As a Pagan, most people expect me to be more tollerant of other people's beliefs, and this is true. I have no problem with any *peaceful* religion, I feel the matter is between them & their god(s).

One thing Bush *did* get right:

......It is the wish of the Gods that all men be free to worship as they choose!

Now some of you will say "What about Christianity & Judaism? There was violence in those books as well!"

Indeed there was, but the goal was to establsh a homeland, not world conquest. BIG DIFFERENCE!

Note that I harbor no ill will against Muslims themselves, since any man can be decieved by the enemy of our souls. In fact, I have a word for those Muslims who may read this:

Listen to the Lord your God! What did he say?

".......I say until my children, come out from among them, and be ye seperate!"

Leave the cult of death & destruction! Leave *any* religion that justifies suicide! Suicide is not victory, it is endless darkness, and weeping & wailing for all eternity!

You are not junk. You were formed by the will of the Gods, in your case the God of Abrahm, soverign of the planet Earth. Embrace *his* peace, a peace that passes all understanding!

Embrace *his* love, a love that knows no limits!

*THAT* is my word to the Muslims who might read this.

Lynne Stewart: TRAITOR!

Why hasn't this woman been lined up against a wall & shot by firing squad??